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My name is Belén García and I created this blog for all dog lovers around the world where I will share all the knowledge I can give you to understand your dog better and improve your bond even more.

I reside in Barcelona, Spain. I grew up surrounded by litters of puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and other animals. I received my Bachelors Degree in Biology at the University of Barcelona and obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Anthrozoology; the science that studies the humane-animal bond. I furthered my education in Positive Dog Training and Ethology, a way of training that involves no form of physical or psychological intimidation, based on progressive reinforcement training methods. I studied with the world renowned dog expert, Turid Rugaas and next I joined Tartaruga community and completely shifted my paradigm. For me it’s very important to keep current with the latest educational resources and techniques in order to offer my clients the best possible services.

I was CEO of the project 21 Hogares,  we focused in promoting dogs that were invisible in shelters in order to help them find a forever home. The first “Heroes” were from the local shelter in Barcelona (CAACB), where I was a volunteer for five years. I attended the DogsTrust UK International Training Program where they grant one representative per country every year. I also collaborate with Udols, an association that promotes urban dogs’ welfare in Barcelona.

Sentit Caní means Dog Sense and I named it in Catalan in order to compensate the fact that the blog wouldn’t be written in Catalan but in Spanish (and English) with the intention of reaching as many people as possible and, consequently, helping to improve the quality of life of many more dogs.


The mission of Sentit Caní is to help you improve the communication and relationship you have with your dog through an education with values: empathy, trust, respect and honesty (esquiligogy, 2012).

The vision of Sentit Caní is an aware society where humans and dogs live together in perfect harmony.