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5 Tips To Choose The Best Dog For You

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I’m back with a post to help those who are thinking of adopting a dog now that have time to devote.

How to choose the right dog? Well, we must take into account a number of things:

1st Consider the purpose of the breed , i.e. what the breed was selected for, what their function was.

Most dogs were bred for a purpose, they had a job. This will determine much their instincts, motivations, energy levels, activity and daily needs.

For example, do not expect a Jack Russell to stay on your feet all day, simply because it was bred to hunt rodents, so they’ll have a pretty high energy. If you do not have time to provide adequate exercise and mental stimulation enough, you’ll probably have a Jack Russell with behavioural problems and then you’ll wonder why. Of course, if you have hamsters or other small rodents think of another race.

Too many people adopt a dog because he becomes infatuated with a race without perhaps be the most appropriate for their situation. It is our duty as responsible adopters to inform ourselves about the origin of the breed, know what it was selected for and what behaviours or needs involved in the dog.

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If your dog is mix raced you have a little more work trying to figure out what breeds has its mix but it’s fascinating to discover! You can even ask your vet to do a DNA test to find out which breeds predominate. I promise you that if you do it you will understand much more of your canine companions 🙂

2nd Look beyond the race 

Lately hybrid dogs (controlled mixes) have been trend and I want to remind you that the best dog’s mixes of breeds are always available at animal shelters. There you will find dogs of all blends, all sizes, shapes and all kinds waiting a family who wants them. You won’t even have to spend thousands of euros for being pure bred. Besides, shelters are saturated and you will save a life! Visit one and give a dog the opportunity to be your best friend!

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It is worth mentioning that mongrel dogs tend to have fewer health problems because they have more genetic variability for not being pure and that allows them to adapt better.

3rd Do not take home the first dog you see

Take your time to meet many dogs. Visits shelters and even foster homes. Try not to be impulsive taking the first one you see because you feel sorry. All deserve a home and it’s heartbreaking, but think you’re going to have a lifelong commitment with the dog you adopt. Devote time and energy to find the best dog for you is very important, do not go in a hurry.

A good way to know is to visit them several times and that you can walk with them or you can even become volunteers at the shelter to walk the dogs yourselves, what better way to know them!

I want to share with you some of my nice experiences as a volunteer at my local dog shelter:

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I leave you this link so you can see the dogs we have in the shelter CAAC Barcelona: Gossos i Gats in Barcelona adoptions to CAAC  I encourage you to visit them!

4th Appearances can be deceiving

The look and size of a puppy change when they grow up. It may be the most beautiful puppy of all but it does not mean that he is the best dog for you or your family. Remember that the character / personality does not depend on the dog’s beauty.

Beware buying online, the pictures are not always accurate. Better make sure to know the puppy / dog in person and spend time with him before committing for life.

5th Get advice from a professional

Contact a dog trainer or an ethologist to help you choose which dog would conform better to your lifestyle. Some shelters have them, take advantage and ask.

Last but not least, listen to your heart but take your brain with you. Think of your compatibility, your time and dedication; Meet, feel and connect 🙂

heart brain

Have a happy life together! 🐶 ❤️

See you soon,