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How To Help Your Dog Through A Heat Stroke

Hello my doggist people! I'm back with a much needed post in summer because each year there are several dogs that die from heat stroke, especially by the negligence of some owners / guardians who leave the dog in the car. The first thing to do is always try to avoid the situation. In the previous post I spoke of how to prevent precisely your dog from suffering heatstroke. So now you will learn...
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10 Tips For A Safe And Cool Summer With Your Dog

Hi Doggists! We start with the biweekly posts, so welcome back :) Today's post is very short and I just want to go over a few concepts so you can have a cool summer with your furry friends. As you know dogs do not sweat like us. Therefore, they use other physiological mechanisms to lose heat: dogs sweat through their pads, but especially through panting. By panting, the dog sends cool air o...
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