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9 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

Hi Doggists! It's November and the cold has arrived. That's why I want to dedicate this post to the senior dogs that are in shelters and have a really bad time with this weather, since they suffer with their bones and joints. They are dogs that often go unnoticed, unfortunately, younger puppies and dogs tend to attract the attention of adopters, but they are the ones who need a warm home more tha...
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6 Factors To Decide Wether Adopting A Puppy Or An Adult Dog

Welcome back, doggists! I hope you enjoyed the summer. I thought about writing this post for back to routine, since many people decide to adopt after the holidays. And what is better to adopt an adult dog or a puppy? So let's go through advantages and disadvantages of each one and let's see if I help assessing what is best according to your particular case :) 1- TIME Puppies need a lot of tim...
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