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Don’t Touch My Balls!

Hi doggists! After completing the 1st year of the blog, I’m back with a post that will shock many and certainly will give you something to talk about. I will cover the topic about playing fetch. What happens in your dog when you throw the ball? It is common to find this situation in dog parks, where dogs are predominately not relaxed. Have you ever wondered why? Dogs don’t have to get ti...
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How To Help Your Dog Through A Heat Stroke

Hello my doggist people! I'm back with a much needed post in summer because each year there are several dogs that die from heat stroke, especially by the negligence of some owners / guardians who leave the dog in the car. The first thing to do is always try to avoid the situation. In the previous post I spoke of how to prevent precisely your dog from suffering heatstroke. So now you will learn...
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10 Tips For A Safe And Cool Summer With Your Dog

Hi Doggists! We start with the biweekly posts, so welcome back :) Today's post is very short and I just want to go over a few concepts so you can have a cool summer with your furry friends. As you know dogs do not sweat like us. Therefore, they use other physiological mechanisms to lose heat: dogs sweat through their pads, but especially through panting. By panting, the dog sends cool air o...
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The Walk Is for You or for Your Dog?

Welcome back my doggists! This week we will see the importance of walking your dogs and I hope you self-analise if you truly enjoy walking with your dog; or it’s just a daily must. I want to start the reflection with a simple calculation. We say that the average is 3 daily walks  x 365 days having a year  x  12 average years of dog  =  13.104 walks in your dog's life. Now comes the question: wou...
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