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How To Treat Fear To Fireworks

Hi again, doggists! As we already saw in the previous post 10 Tips For A Safe Celebration With Fireworks, dogs with fear of noises experiment some symptoms and behaviours when there are fireworks.  It's important to treat this fears long term, since they are not going to disappear by themselves. These fears can even get worse and our buddies really struggle here. Trying to change your dog's emot...
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Steps For A Succesfull Training With Your Dog

Hi there! As we are in the summer and many of you have extra time to devote to your furry friends now, I wrote this post so you can train properly taking into account the welfare of the dog and strengthening your bond 🙂 Training should focus on teaching your dog good habits to have a harmonious coexistence and so that he/she can manage life in our human society. From being polite to vi...
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Negative And Dangerous Effects of Punishing

I’m back, Doggists! Today I am going to talk about a very important issue not very known for those at home: the punishment! By definition punishment is anything that reduces the likelihood that a behavior will be repeated. There are two types of punishment: Negative punishment, although sounds worse, applies removing something the dog likes to reduce the likelihood that he does it again. Ex...
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The Best Way to Teach Your Dog

  Hi doggists! Today I want to introduce you to positive education and what is different from traditional methods, which are now obsolete and are not recommendable at all. Training is the process of teaching skills or behaviours. It applies to humans, dogs, cats and other animals. Training a dog includes: -Teaching how you to respond to a verbal or visual signal (orders/commands in...
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