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Labels That Sentence

Doggists! If you are looking for a canine companion this post is for you. Do not bother looking at the breed labels when you go to a dog shelter to adopt,  it won't tell you much about the dog. But if you are interested to know if it is true that Pitbull and other PPP (Potentially Dangerous Dog in Spanish) have a bad image, this post is also for you. Keep reading and you will find studies that...
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Steps For A Succesfull Training With Your Dog

Hi there! As we are in the summer and many of you have extra time to devote to your furry friends now, I wrote this post so you can train properly taking into account the welfare of the dog and strengthening your bond 🙂 Training should focus on teaching your dog good habits to have a harmonious coexistence and so that he/she can manage life in our human society. From being polite to vi...
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